Put up by the women, each low grey hut is made from wooden poles and cow dung. Set foot through a low narrow entrance, you discover yourself in a dark room with a central inglenook also made from cow dung. There will be a few low stools around the hearth and a wooden sleeping bedside made from stretched leather. You’ll be asked to take a seat and t will be engaged more in the Maasai way of life.

It’s a lighthearted experience with plenty of laughter. Popping out from the hut you will find that a flamboyant group of ladies has made an appearance and they sing while performing some traditional dances – and it is routine that the guests are asked to join the dance. Then the young morans will conduct their own songs, dances and jumping displays. Finally you will be invited to visit the layout of beadwork and carving.

As well as giving a unique occassion for cultural exchange, the visits provide a valuable benefaction to the finances of community life.