A few tips from us when packing for a safari

When you think of a Safari, the first thing that comes to mind would be “what do I bring or pack?A few tips from us when packing for a safari. The Luggage Remember luggage is limited on the small air crafts, per person, 15kg, per checked bag, soft duffel for East Africa. Ensure to go […]

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What is a Tented Camp?

People get slightly confused when looking at their itinerary and they see camping or tented lodge. The similarities are endless: – You are sleeping under a canvas tent in the midst of all the action and away from some conveniences that you will find in a lodge. – As a budget option, camping in Kenya is a […]

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How the camp came to be

I could talk hours and hours about this, but unfortunately, I would have to stop here for today – we can always plan a whisky date if you would like to hear the rest of it, but you would have to come to the camp for that because in Nairobi you would be too distracted by your phone to appreciate our story.

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