Just think about safari adventures and the pictures of lions, elephants, leopards, and giraffes populating the spectacular savannahs in Kenya. Then, when the sun goes down, imagine sipping your favorite drink in the day's afterglow, cozying up by a campfire, and sleeping in the comfy bed while listening to the nocturnal wildlife music! Seems impressive, right! Now just come out of your imagination and book a tented camp in Kenya through Drunken Elephant Mara.

We believe most of your Kenya safari involves spending time at safari tents or tented camps. Why don't you make it as unforgettable as your game drives! Our tented safari camp make the beautiful setting where you love to lay your head at night. You will feel like getting the right finish to the rush of daylong safari adventures. Let us plan a Kenya-tented safari expedition and enrich your safari experiences to treasure forever.

Choose from Our Exclusive Tents in Kenya

The excitement and adventure of a Kenya safari seem incomplete without tented safari camps. So please take this opportunity to fall asleep while hearing the sound of a hyena laughing outside your safari tents and enjoy your breakfast seeing the impalas hopping on their way at your safari tented camp.

At Drunken Elephant Mara, we provide a wide array of tents in Kenya to maximize your overall safari experience. Our tented camps have different safari tents. Please look at our available safari tented camps for your Kenya safari tour.

Basic Safari Tented Camps –

You can choose our basic safari tents. They are like ordinary camping tents with shared baths and toilets in the compound. Another basic tented camp has a canvas-made safari tent with a basic en-suite bathroom. You can find a squat toilet or a water closet in the bath. Though this tented camp lacks sockets and electricity, we can't always guarantee you to enjoy hot showers.

Semi-Luxury Tented Camps –

This tented camp has a semi-permanent structure and a wooden or stone floor. It has double or twin beds, an en-suite bathroom, a toilet with hot showers, flush toilets, etc. You will enjoy sitting and basking in the surrounding nature in the patio area of these safari tents. Some tented camps have swimming pools where you can spend time in the afternoon and relax.

Usually, tented camps are low-key accommodations with basic infrastructure where you can enjoy your meals. You will have most meals in flora and fauna. Unless it's raining outside, you will eat in the dining hall.

Kenya's semi-luxury safari tented camps are located outside or inside the Masai Mara Game Reserve. The tented camps outside the national reserve are affordable and ideal if you want to stay longer and won't want to visit the park daily. But the tented camps inside the national park are expensive, and you must pay park fees daily throughout your stay.

Luxury Tented Camps –

The luxury tented camps are mainly inside the National Reserve or the conservancy. Generally, they have higher costs due to their location inside the conservancies or the national reserve.

Choose Your Choice of Tented Safari Camp in Kenya

Whatever safari tented camps you choose, Drunken Elephant Mara will leave you with the ultimate safari experience that you will love to experience again and again. So feel free to contact us at +254 738 450 106 and let us plan your tented camp safari in Kenya.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

When you're staying in a safari camp in Kenya, you'll feel as if you've been transported to another realm in the bush, because your every desire will be attended to.
We offer a variety of tented camps, many of which are well researched and provide a great deal of comfort, relaxation, and atmosphere during your safari.
A safari lodge in Africa is made up of a number of cottages spread over a landscaped land. There will be a main building which houses a restaurant, bar, gift shop, together with the reception and administrative facilities. A tented camp is made from the Main building (housing the public areas) usually thatched for effect, and en-suite guest tents are scattered around it.