African Safari Tours

Discover Africa’s fabulous “Big Five,” the magnificent creatures that epitomize the essence of an unforgettable safari experience on the savannah. These iconic and untamed animals include the awe-inspiring lion, the elusive leopard, the mighty African elephant, the formidable African or Cape buffalo, and the shy and unusual rhinoceros.

The term “Big Five” harks back to the colonial era of game hunters, when pursuing and conquering these magnificent beings on foot was a challenging and perilous task. Thankfully, our society has now shifted from hunting to conservation, cherishing and safeguarding these precious gifts of nature.

Embark on a Kenyan safari and be mesmerized by countless encounters with these legendary creatures in our country’s vast wildlife national parks.

The Lion King

No safari would be complete without glimpsing the “king of the jungle.” Kenya’s parks are home to several prides of lions. The Tsavo Parks boast the Tsavo lions, a captivating sub-species with uniquely short manes. Samburu Park to the north and Amboseli Park near the Tanzanian border also offer thrilling opportunities to witness these fearsome felines. However, for an abundance of prides and individual lions, a visit to the Masai Mara during the Great Migration (July – October) is a must.

The Always Elusive Leopard

Graceful and enigmatic, the leopard is a nocturnal hunter, gracefully stalking its prey between sunset and sunrise. From its lofty perch on tree branches, this sleek predator scans the horizon for grazers like antelope, gazelle, zebra, or wildebeest. Leopards can be spotted in the Masai Mara, Amboseli, the Tsavo Parks, as well as smaller reserves like Nakuru National Park and Ol Pejeta Conservancy, where night safaris increase the chances of sighting them.

Elephants – Africa’s Giants

Among Africa’s wildlife, the mighty elephant is perhaps the most beloved. These majestic giants roam through most of Kenya’s wildlife parks, often seen in family groups traveling to and from watering holes. As herbivores, elephants are often observed tearing off great branches of leaves for sustenance. Samburu Park is home to nearly 1000 of these incredible creatures, while Amboseli’s smaller park boasts a high density of elephants, guaranteeing multiple sightings during your visit.

The African or Cape Buffalo

The fiercely resilient African buffalo is the only member of the “Big Five” not considered endangered or vulnerable. In the eyes of hunters, it was deemed the most dangerous, prone to charging when provoked or wounded. This distinctive and occasionally irritable horned bovid can be found in nearly all of Kenya’s wildlife parks.

The Shy and Unusual Rhino

With its massive and imposing body, crowned by a unique set of horns, the rhino is a rare and wondrous sight. Despite their formidable appearance, rhinos are shy creatures, making spotting them in the wild a special privilege. Of the “Big Five,” rhinos are the most endangered, prompting the creation of sanctuaries for their protection and conservation. These sanctuaries can be found in various wildlife parks, with Nairobi National Park, Ol Pejeta, and Lake Nakuru being notable locations.

These five remarkable species, each with its own captivating story, will undoubtedly be the highlight of your safari adventure, leaving a lasting impression and inspiring a commitment to protect and preserve them for future generations to cherish.