Maasai Mara Monkey

So as we continue to sip our whiskey, let me give you the tea-time of what has been happening with us.

Our little tented camp has had a variety of guests all with one purpose only- to get out of the city.

The support we have got from all of you is so overwhelming and we appreciate the love that you have showed us.

Now for some camp stories.

We have celebrated many birthdays, done lots of barbecues and Karogas, and had our fair share of adventures with animals- and by this I mean some serious adventures.

Wildebeest Migration

So if you follow our Instagram page, you know that we have a resident Impala who likes to show up at night by our water hole. Alas, a few nights ago, we heard roars of our lion neighbors and they started from quite far out but by 3am they were quite close and some of us ie me, was hugging my pillow praying to the Gods that they would serenade me to sleep so that I would not have to have this adrenaline pumping through my body; because as always I seem to think the lion will come through the walls and pull me out by my legs – I watched Ghost and the darkness enough times to actually believe that it can be a reality despite us not having the small little tents but huge spacious with locked door tents.

All I heard was a big RAAWWWWRRRR and a little MMEEEEEHHHHHHH, we didn’t know what it was at that time, but that morning we found out that we had lost our little impala. It was a sad affair, but alas in nature it is survival usually of the hunter. So we bid our little swara bye bye and hope that she will be happy in swara heaven.

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We also had an old elephant pass away within our conservancy, on which the carnivores feasted on for days – so we had them around the camp for almost 10 days- exhilarating but scary at the same time.

We then had our “little drunkies” come in for their dose of the Marula fruit, and while on their drunken spree opted to scratch themselves against a tree- It’s hard to say who won the match because we only saw the end result of the our tree – it shall be used at the next campfire for one of you as you come to dance with the Maasai and enjoy the cocktails that we mix.

As we speak of our drunkies, we now also have drunkie baboons, who have learned that Tusker (our famous local beer) is truly a “Baada ya Kazi” (after work) kind of drink. They have learnt how to unlatch our bar gate and this usually happens between 4pm-5pm and pop the cans of beer that are present, proceeding to drink up and leave without paying their bar tab. Just like our dine and dash monkeys who come over for breakfast.

The migration this year has been good, as is every year, we do hear complaints of the animals not crossing in big herds anymore but I suppose this is a natural phenomenon that I am unfortunately not able to control but not many guests are able to understand this. Animal viewing is actually based on luck, if I did have their phone numbers and they actually did own mobile phones- They would be at your beck and call. Trust me!!

October is around the corner and we look forward to our October fest long weekend.

Hopefully if you haven’t come to sip on whiskey with me yet, you’ll be coming over for a beer or 2!!