African Safari Tours

Do you want to add African safari tours to your bucket list? Africa boasts spectacular scenery, friendly local people, cultural treasures, and blissful beaches. Apart from this, this continent is blessed with enchanting wildlife and thrilling safari expeditions to captivate your heart and get you back to this magical continent again and again. Please read this blog and understand the allure of African safari tours, focusing specifically on the incredible offerings of an African Safari in Kenya:

Luxury African Safari Tours –

Africa safari adventure includes a comprehensive range of East Africa Safari tours to accommodate all your preferences, requirements, and budget. At Drunken Elephant Mara, we have unparalleled understanding and expertise in navigating the wild terrains of Africa. 

Whether you prefer overland safaris or tailor-made holidays, we specialize in crafting the perfect Kenya safari experience for you. With extensive years of experience organizing luxury African safari tours, let us make your adventure a lifetime experience.

African Safari Tours

Ultimate Luxury Tented Camping Experience –

You should immerse yourself in the heart of nature with our luxury tented camps during your African safari adventure in Kenya. These tour packages are specifically designed for adventure enthusiasts looking to connect with nature. The eco-friendly tented safari lodges provide rustic charm coupled with modern comforts. Each tent comes equipped with private bathrooms featuring hot showers and flush toilets, ensuring a comfortable and memorable safari experience.

Enjoy Your Safari Adventure in Style –

Elevated and crafted from multi-layered canvas, the tented safari camps provide the perfect blend of adventure and luxury. You can relax on your tent’s verandah while sipping on an early morning coffee or enjoying a sundowner in the evening. Get yourself prepared to experience the thrilling safari with the trimmings and comfort of a luxury lodge that makes it an unforgettable aspect of your African safari in Kenya.

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride over Masai Mara –

An African safari in Kenya is incomplete without a hot air balloon safari over Masai Mara. This ride includes drifting over the savannah when the sun peeks over the horizon, offering a peaceful and dramatic perspective of the landscape. So, you should take a hot air balloon flight through Drunken Elephant Mara and witness the spectacular sunrise while gliding over the Masai Mara plains and picturesque savannahs.

Balloon Safari

Book Masai Mara Game Drives –

Take this opportunity to dive into the heart of the wilderness with safari game drives in Masai Mara. You should spend three to four hours exploring the natural habitat of diverse wildlife in the morning or afternoon. You can choose a full-day game drive or pick out the morning or afternoon slot to witness the magnificence of the Masai Mara plains and its inhabitants.

Conclusion –

So, get ready to embark on an African safari in Kenya with Drunken Elephant Mara and let the magic of the continent seep into your soul. Our carefully curated Africa safari tours range from luxury tented camps to hot air balloon rides and thrilling game drives, ensuring an adventure that will linger in your memories. Please check out our African safari tours and find the one that best suits your interests. Hence, contact us today and let us start planning your next safari holiday in Kenya.